Destination Urban
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Bringing Nature Indoors

One-of-a-kind Pressed Plants

Plants and flowers are found from all regions of the United States. Each plant is hand selected and preserved by our artists. It takes roughly two weeks to create each piece.

Framed Rare Butterflies and Insects

Butterflies and insects are sourced sustainably from all regions of the Earth. A majority of the butterflies originate in the South American jungles.

Hand Cut Crystals

Crystals are found and cut in house by our artists. All crystals are derived from sustainable sources all over the world.


With every purchase one tree is planted.


Building a Better Tomorrow

Destination Urban was founded the basis of providing high quality art. This said, we acknowledge all of our products are derived from nature. Therefore, we refuse to sit idle and ignorant to mass resource exploitation. Destination Urban has partnered with one tree planted to help mitigate deforestation. With every purchase, a portion of the sales goes toward planting trees worldwide. Help us build a better tomorrow one tree at a time.